Safflower Feeder, 3 Qt.


#SAF : 3 Quart. Holds white safflower or golden nutrasaff. Green powder-coated steel top and bottom, stainless steel screen. Birds cling all over screen and on bottom tray to feed. Lifetime guarantee.

Feed safflower or nutrasaff to attract beautiful birds like cardinals and chickadees while deterring squirrels, grackles and blackbirds. This feeder features magnet mesh which tests prove that this patented mesh will attract up to double the number of birds than other mesh on the market. Patent #5,970,913.

  • Stainless steel screen
  • All-steel construction, polyester-powder coated green top and bottom
  • Center seed diverter
  • Drainage holes in base
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Dispense safflower seed or nutrasaff
  • Made in the USA by Birds Choice

MARIE'S NOTES: Pinch the wire on the lid and lift to open. An inside pincher will loosen the metal cylinder on the center rod for access to the bottom and for washing, but no pieces detach to lose. 

I love these metal mesh feeders because the bottom is flat to accomodate the very particular Cardinal and Rose Breasted Grosbeak. Plus, the flat bottom tray aids in drainage and air flow ventilation to keep seed drier and less messy than similar style feeders that have a cupped bottom tray.

This feeder works well also for feeding medium to large sunflower meats. I like feeding the meats in the bitter cold temperatures so the birds don't have to work at removing the shell when they need to replenish their energy quickly.

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