Metal Caged Peanut/Sunflower Feeder


Large bird and squirrel deterrent all metal feeder. Slide the closure along the coated wire hanger to loosen and lift the top for filling. This all metal feeder with solid top and base keeps fallen seed within the caged barrier so little falls out below the feeder. Ideal in garden settings to limit seed growth beneath the feeder area. Small birds access the interior metal mesh cylinder through the cage. Great for feeding sunflower and shelled peanut type mixes, like our Sunsation. The shelled peanuts get pecked at by the nut eaters for morsel size eating. 


MARIE'S NOTES: I love this feeder for my chickadees, nuthatches, and goldfinches! It keeps the bully blackbirds like Starlings, Grackles, and Red Wings out! Sometimes the hanger can be lopsided and hang the feeder crooked. To straighten it, you need to pull one side through the slide holder a little more than the other, on the hanger, to position the feeder right for hanging. 

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