Fly Thru Rec. Acrylic Roof, SNFT-200A


Made out of 5/8" poly-lumber, with removable seed tray for easy cleaning. Includes hanging cable. Clear Acrylic Roof with Taupe Base

Attract a wide variety of beautiful birds with this fly-thru feeder. The removable seed tray makes this feeder easy to clean and provides drainage to keep seed dry. The clear acrylic roof makes this feeder especially appealing to birds because they can see the seed. Stainless steel screws. Powder-coated steel tree brackets and recycled materials keep this feeder looking new for a lifetime! This feeder also works great as a covered ground feeder if you attach a recycled leg set #SNLS or attach to a 1" round pole with our #1202 mounting flange - sold separate.

  • Clear acrylic roof for excellent viewing by you and the birds
  • 7/8" Inland Red Cedar for long lasting outdoor use
  • All screwed construction using stainless steel screws
  • Fully routed edges
  • Removable seed tray makes this feeder easy to clean
  • Seed tray provides excellent drainage to keep seed dry
  • Made in the USA by Birds Choice


I love this feeder for several reasons ....

  • It is a fly-thru so Cardinals will like it. It allows them to see all around them for possible predators. Position this feeder between 10 - 15 ft. from a tree they like to perch in. Keep it further than 6-8 ft. and use a baffle on the pole, to keep squirrels at bay.
  • The acrylic cover protects the feed, especially tender sunflower meats or chips, from the weather. Plus it allows bright sunlight to "spotlight" the birds at the feeder. Other dark covers put the birds in shadow, making them harder to see.
  • The deeper dish of this platform allows you to fill more than flat bottom tray feeders do. You will need to fill less often.

This feeder is made of polylumber, and so is heavy. It is not recommended to be hung, but mounted onto a pole instead.

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