Droll Yankees Sunflower Domed Cage Feeder


Droll Yankees Sunflower Domed Cage Feeder

Keep squirrels and large birds from taking off with seeds meant for your little winged friends. The Domed Cage Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeder combines a very popular tube style feeder with a 10.5-inch diameter green wire cage that allows songbirds easy clearance through the 1.5-inch openings

  • Songbirds are easily able to enter the cage to reach the tubular bird feeder inside but large birds and gray squirrels cannot fit through the small openings
  • Clear shelter dome acts as protection against weather elements and it does not hide birds from view
  • Tube is easy to remove for cleaning, to maintain the health of the birds.
  • Included spring clamp holds the dome securely against the cage
  • Feeder measures 15-inches in length with a diameter of 10.5-inches.
  • Feeder measures 15-inches in length with a diameter of 10.5-inches.
  • Threaded base – allows the feeder to be pole mounted
  • Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage
  • Made in the U.S.A.

MARIE'S NOTES:  I have used this feeder and have found that the little red squirrel CAN get through the cage of this feeder. This would not be an effective red squirrel deterrent feeder.

I do like this feeder for feeding a rich sunflower blend like our Sun 'n Saff for the small birds.

I would not recommend using a feed, such as our Sunsation with roasted nuts, in this feeder as the roasted peanut pick outs can clog the feeder and stop the flow of the seed to the bottom sections of the tube. If you wish to offer a nut type of feed in a caged feeder, I recommend our metal covered cage feeder with a metal mesh tube inside.

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