Metal Mesh 3 Qt. Sunflower


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3 Quart Sunflower Feeder. Green powder-coated steel top and bottom, stainless steel screen. Birds cling all over screen and on bottom tray to feed. Lifetime guarantee.

This durable feeder will hold 3 quarts of sunflower, peanuts, or a blend of seed.

  • All-steel construction
  • Polyester-powder coated top and bottom
  • Stainless steel screen
  • Center seed diverter
  • Drainage holes in base
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Bottom tray is a landing platform and catches seeds
  • Made in the USA 

Marie's Notes: " I like this feeder for the following reasons ....

  • It is Cardinal friendly because the tray at the bottom is roomy and FLAT. Other similar type feeders have cupped trays. Cardinals will not use those feeders. It is also Cardinal friendly because the feeder itself is cylinder shaped which means a better view around the feeder, as opposed to hopper (box or house) style feeders which force the cardinal up against a type of wall with a roof which blocks their view of possible predators.
  • It is great for one of my favorite type of feeds... Premium Meats! The birds love the feed and will cling all around the mesh and perch on the bottom flat tray. My winter finches adore this feeder filled with Premium Meats!
  • The combination of this feeder and Premium Meats feed will make it a popular feeder with the birds quickly.
  • It is all metal which means squirrels can't do much damage to it.
  • You can easily get replacement parts free of charge with the Lifetime Guarantee,
  • It is made in the U.S.A which means this feeder is made of high quality materials."


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