About Us

The inspiration for what would become Go Wild With Birds began in 2001 when Marie, the owner, invited her youngest son's third grade class at Spring Road Elementary School in Neenah, Wisconsin, to see her backyard birds, The third graders had done their first research paper on wild birds that year and were then able to end their school year by seeing many of  "their own research paper birds" in Marie's backyard. They saw blue jays, cardinals, nuthatches, hummingbirds, indigo buntings, three different woodpeckers, mourning doves, chickadees, goldfinches, starlings, grackles, and robins. 

Marie continued that annual school field trip for eight more years, and even included the other two third grade classes to participate as well. Marie's husband, Bill would help get the house ready for the students, by attaching two rows of cut trash bags to the windows looking out at the bird feeders, leaving a small horizontal peeping gap between the bags so the students could get up close to the windows without frightening the birds at the feeders.    

After Marie's oldest son left for college in 2007, Marie had a large hole in her heart and thought about how much of a passion she had for sharing her love for bird feeding and attracting beautiful wild birds to feeders. Marie had been using her Social Work degree to assist older adults and their families get connected with community resources. With that experience of helping older adults, and with the hole in her heart begging to be filled, Marie started her business from her basement that year, by mixing her own recipe bird feed blends to sell at the local farm market. She continued to assist older adults with her business by delivering bird feed, installing feeder poles, and filling bird feeders for them and other customers.

In 2009, with the inspiration from the third graders and the experience of assisting older adults remain living in their own homes, Marie expanded her business idea and opened her retail store to include the bird feeding, delivery, and installation service, too. She found an area feed distributor to package her recipe blends to stock in her store and trademarked her feed brand as BirdBait TM.

In 2011. Marie hired her two assistants, Siv (seev) and Kaye, to help her match walk-in customers with just the right high quality bird feeding products for them.

As of February, 2014, with this site, Marie is growing her business to include online sales and expand her business and customer assistance to your home and yard, or to your loved one's. Marie welcomes the opportunity to increase your joy of backyard birding.